Akihiko Matsumoto

研究, 習作, 論考

The phenomenon of sound, which is common not only in the world of human art and expression but also in the natural world, may seem like magic because it cannot be seen. However, sound is not magic, but a physical phenomenon that has been explored by artists and scientists throughout history, from ancient Greece to the present day.

Sound, which is both an art and a science, has existed for hundreds of millions of years since the existence of air on earth. Even today, in the 21st century, the full extent of how sound can be manipulated to communicate with people has yet to be fully understood. This web page will be a text for those who not only enjoy appreciating sound and music, but who also enjoy exploring what sound and music are and making them themselves. The act of making music and sound is not only for those who want to become a technical craftsman in that field, and the experience of making music and sound can inspire something in a completely different field, or help you to understand your favorite music more deeply.

The interesting thing about music is that even in treatises written 400 or 500 years ago, one can already find ideas that are relevant to the present day, perhaps because it is an art form in which the vestiges of ancient times coexist with modern expressions.
However, just because a culture has a strong history and tradition, it is not so intolerant of change that it refuses to innovate, and music is a culture that grows deeper and deeper with the times.

It is important to think about what music is. Because what you think music is will be reflected in your work.
What I want to convey is neither information nor technology. I think the most important thing is to realize the fun of thinking while making something yourself.

"The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance." This is a quote from the ancient Greek philosopher and scientist Aristotle. As the author, I would be honored if the readers of this page would be awakened to the sense of reading not only the superficial pleasures of sound, but also the essence inherent in the work.


芸術であり科学の側面もある音は地球に空気が存在して以降、何億年もの間ずっと存在していいます。 音をどのように操れば人にどういったことを伝えることができるのか、全ての解明は21世紀になる現代においてもされてはいません。 このウェブページは音や音楽を鑑賞することを楽しむのみならず、音とは何か、音楽とは何かを探求し、自ら作ることを楽しむ人たちに向けたテキストになります。 音楽を作ったり音を作ったりする行為は、その道の技術職人になりたい人だけのためのものでもないと思いますし、音楽や音を作ることを経験することで全く違う分野で何かをひらめいたり、また好きな音楽をより深く理解できるようになる面もあるはずです。

音楽の面白いところは、400年も500年も前に書かれた論文にも既に現代に通じる萌芽が見られ、太古の名残が現代的な表現と共存する芸術だからなのかもしれません。 しかし、歴史や伝統が強固だからといって、革新を拒むほど変化に不寛容な文化でもないので、時代とともに深みがどんどん増してくるのが音楽です。


「芸術の目的は、物の表面的な外見を表現することではなく、内側の本質的な意味を表現することだ。」という古代ギリシアの哲学者であり科学者のアリストテレスのことばがあります。 このページを読んだ方が、音の表面的な快楽だけでなく、作品に内在する本質を読み取る感覚に目覚めることができれば著者として光栄です。