Ableton M4L / Serum Pack / Sample Pack

Akihiko Matsumoto Max for Live Ableton

Ableton Max for Live / Xfer Serum Pack / Sample Pack






Generative MIDI Sequencer for Ableton Live.
(Demo for Modular Synth)
(Demo for Gameboy)


With Aurora Wave, we wanted to create a collection of presets that bridge the gap between the analog and digital worlds. To achieve this, we modelled many of our favourite analog synthesisers such as the Prophet 5 from Sequential; SH101, D50, Jupiter 8, JX8P from Roland; M1 from Korg; OBXa from Oberheim; and DX7 from Yamaha inside Serum.

Ableton Theme Skin

Ableton Theme Skin Pack(Under, Kawaii Japan, VIVI, JX8P, Mutable, Vapor, FR2, Tokyo, Cyberpunk)

UK Wave / Hardwave vol.3 (Serum Pack)

88 UK Wave & Hardwave Sound Presets for Xfer Serum.

Dope 808 Sample Pack Sample Pack (24bit/48khz .wav Sample Pack) for trap, boombap, Lo-Fi Hip Hop and electronic music.

Cassette Tape Sample Pack (24bit/48khz .wav Sample Pack) for Ambient, Noise, Synthwave, Lo-Fi Beat, Drone & Texture.

Ultimate Electronic Drum Kit (24bit/48khz .wav Sample Pack) for Vaporwave, Trap, EDM, Grime, Future Bass, Hip Hop, Drum Kit.
(Demo 4.0)
(Demo 3.0)

UK Wave / Neo Grime (Serum Pack)

62 Neo Grime Sound Presets for Xfer Serum.

Ableton SideChain Gate

MIDI-triggered extreme side-chain effects with variable envelope.

AKAI MPC2000XL Sampled One Shots & Preset Loop Sample Pack (24bit/48khz .wav)

Roland MC-303 Drum Kit Sample Pack (24bit/48khz .wav)

Roland MC-303 Drum One Shots & Preset Loop Sample Pack (24bit/48khz .wav)
(One Shot Demo)
(Loop Demo)

Glitch Lab

Random Glitch / Stutter Effect for Ableton Live.
(Music Demo)
(Piano Demo)

Zebroid Ableton Project Pack + Sample Pack (.als, .wav, .blender, .amxd)

Produced by Akihiko Matsumoto & Dayzero
・1 Ableton Project FIle (.als)
・1 Master Wav File (48 kHz 24bit)
・1 Blender Cover Project File (.blend)
・54 Audio Samples (Audio 24bit / 48kHz .wav)
・7 Max for Live Devices (Another Dimension2.0, Color Delay, EXTortion 1.01, Grid SEQ Params3.5, Ladder HPF, REcho3.0, SideChainGate4.3)
・1 Ableton Theme Skin (Zebroid)

Ableton Reverse Verb

Mysterious reverb that produces a reverse playback sound in real time.
(Demo for Modular Synth)


Ableton Air

Generative Sequencer for Ableton Live. The device is inspired by the style of minimalist composers such as Brian Eno, John Adams, Steve Reich and Arvo Pärt.
(Roland JX-08 Demo )

Will Ableton Project Pack + Max for Live Pack (.als, .wav, .blender, .amxd)

"Will" - Akihiko Matsumoto" Ableton Project Pack + Max for Live Pack.
All tracks using non-Ableton 3rd party plugins are frozen audio tracks. 11 Max for Live devices are included

Hyper flutter effect like a broken analog cassette tape. VST3/AU (Win, Mac) version for free on my Discord.

Ladder Filter for Ableton Live

Minimoog style lo pass ladder filter for Ableton Live.
for free on my Discord.

Ableton Mode

A generative church modal midi melody generator based on the analysis of hundreds of traditional gregorian chants, Japanese Kawaii bass & UK Wave.
(Demo for Roland JD-08)
(Demo for Serum)

Ableton Grid SEQ Params

Graphical Parameta Sequence Controller via Ableton M4L API.

Analog modeling echo with self-oscillation feedback.

Korg opsix preset pack M Six  (.op6program file)

Ambient Experimental Noise Patch & converted 128 DX7 original cartridge presets for Korg opsix & opsix Native. This preset pack will be updated with additional programs at any time for free.

Ableton MS Delay (.amxd file)

Mid and Side independent feedback delay effect device.

Ableton Trap Snare Synth

Trap style snare synthesizer for Ableton Live.

Chiptune Serum Pack (.fxp)

98 Lo-Fi Digital NES, SNES & Gameboy Chip Sound Presets for Xfer Serum & Gameboy Drum Kit Sample Pack. Unique waveforms are sampled from original Game Machine .

Ableton Freqency Modulator

Extreme frequency modulator for IDM Beatmaker.

Ableton Utility++ (.amxd file)

Based on Ableton Utility Device. feat. M/S mix, -6dB/oct Low Pass Gate Gain Mode and 2ch individual panning.

Ableton Ring Modulator

Simple ring modulator with lo pass filter.

Twin Filter

Twin SVF Filter with morphing control & wave folding overdrive. The routing dial can continuously control serial, parallel and independent connections.


Ableton LFMW 4.3 Max for Live Device (.amxd file)

Low Frequency Multi Waveform generator for ableton Live.
With your DC coupled audio interface Math Voltage will output unipolar CV / GATE to analog modular synth.
(Ableton Demo , Eurorack Demo, M.A.S.F. OSC03 Demo)

Live Cassette Sample Pack (24bit/48khz .wav)

20 mins 4-track ambient drone audio sample pack for old school cassette tape MTR or teenage engineering op-1 (need 16bit 44.1khz mono .aif down conevrt) and more.

Ableton Reverse Delay

Reverse Delay with envelope.

Ableton SEQ Stutter

Sequenced glitch stutter for Ableton Live.

Ableton Bin Shifter (.amxd file)

FFT bin shifter for experimental sound design.

Ableton Gate Slicer

BPM-sync audio slicer with envelope generator.

Ableton Tape Echo

Multi-head tape echo & spring reverb.

Ableton Drone Note

MIDI note-on generator that keeps sounding at any pitch.

Ableton Backspin

Shoegazer style ER reverse gate for ableton live M4L audio plugin. inspired by YAMAHA SPX-90 series algorithm.


Variable time delay effect without clicks or transposition.

Ableton Mode

Sineshaping distortion plugin for ableton max for live.


24-Tap Bouncing Delay for Ableton Live(Max for Live Audio Plugin).

Kero Voice (Free)


Extreme Autotune Effect for voice !!! for Ableton Live. (Ableton Demo)
(Ableton Demo)

Ableton M4L Color Delay

Simulates the sound of various legendary hardware delays. (ex. SONY DPS D7, YAMAHA SPX 90 II, Red Panda Particle, BOSS DD-2, Eventide H9, Maxon PDM-1)

Ableton Growl Filter

Extreme aggressive wobble filter for ableton live.


Ableton Hardwave Arpeggiator

Hardwave style agressive arpeggiator for Ableton Live.

Aer Shifter

Ableton Aer Shifter

Unusual realtime sound recording and playback using LFO.
(Demo for Roland TR-06)


Ableton ISO Rhythm

14th century style ISO Rhythmic Sequencer for Ableton Live.
(Demo for Gameboy & Modular Synth)
(Demo for Organ & Modular Synth)

Hard Clip (Free)

Ableton Hard Clip

Hard Clipper for loud distorted waveform like GClip.

Ableton ISO Stutter

Band isolated stutter for ableton Max for Live.

Ableton EXTortion

Creative Distortion for synthesizers with 20 different characters.

Wave Folder Ableton

West Coast Style (Buchla, Serge, Make Noise) Wave Folder for Ableton Max for Live.



Ableton-synced audio clock pulse signal device for external cv/gate synthesizer system.


2-Voice Tone Morphing Microtonal / Micro Polyphony Drone Cluster Synth for Ableton Live.

Ableton Digital Glitcher

BPM Sync Glitch Effect for ableton Max for Live Audio Track.


UK Wave Hardwave

63 UK Wave Sound Presets for Xfer Serum.

Maxon PDM1 for Ableton Live

This is a clone of Japanese rare avant-garde modulation delay produced in the late 80's.

Gran Delay

Simple Granular Delay for Ableton Live.

Leslie Speaker

Leslie Speaker

Leslie speaker simulator for ableton M4L (max for live).


BPM-sync ping pong delay with stereo spread control.

Ratchet Gate

Random midi trigger generator for Ableton Live.
(Demo for Organ)
(Demo for Drum)

Ableton M4L Tap Delay

8-Tap Delay for Ableton Live.

Ableton M4L

Display from MIDI Note to Frequency (hz).

Ableton Recycler

Segment Audio Loop Reorder Effect.
(Demo with erica synths Syntrx)

Bit Mangler

Bit crusher with bias overdrive and filter.


XY-Plane Filter was inspired by the classic Z-Plane filter which can be found on E-mu Morpheus synthesizer.

FFT Filter

Audio Isolator based on FFT Filter.

(Demo) (Isolated Lead/Bass from one JX-8P)


Kick / Bass Synthesizer for No Coast Musician.



4 parallel comb filter.


Analog harsh noise distortion from Japan.
(Demo 1 )

Roland JX8P Synthwave

66 Synthwave Serum Presets based on Roland JX8P (1985). (Demo)

Ableton ParameterSEQ

Ableton BPM synced mappable parameter sequencer. Audio CV out for CV/GATE mode. (ex. Expert Sleepers ES-3 etc...)



Realtime glitch granular processing for ableton M4L.


Dual BPM Sync LFO for any parameters on Ableton Live.


(Demo for eurorack modular synth)

MIDI Chord Gate

Rhythmic Triger/Gate Slicer for MIDI Track.


UK Wave Hardwave

51 Sound Presets for Xfer Serum. Unique original sampled waveforms are used in many presets. (Demo)


Vaporwave style Lo-Fi unstable tone shaper for your master track.



Simple BPM Synced Stereo Delay for Ableton Live. The Tone is based on 1990s SONY DPS D7. (Ableton Demo)

Digital Delay (Free)

Digital Delay(Free)

Simple BPM Sync Digital Delay.

Ableton Another Dimension(Free)

DC Offset based stereo imager for mono source.


HOLY 7 (Ultimate Drone Synth)

Ultimate Drone Synth for Ableton Live.



Swarma is synthesizer inspired by the famous cluster synth "Swarmatron" created by Dewanatron.


Wave-ish detune synthesizer.

Kill Gate (Free)


BPM synced audio gate like transformar switch on DJ Mixer.

Ableton  Delay

Simple BPM Sync delay with high pass feedback filter for ableton live.


The device can generate random values ​​at any time and map them to any parameter on Ableton, including VST plugins and more. (Demo)

Amp Modulator

BPM-sync multi LFO amplitude modulator (Tremolo).

Extreme Dubstep

50 Growl / Wobble Bass Sound Presets for Xfer Serum. (Demo)

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy Style Harp Sound Preset (.fxp) for Serum.

FF4 Strings

FF IV Style Strings Sound Preset (.fxp) for Serum.
(Demo )


Stutter Effect for ableton Max for Live Audio Track.



Old School Video Game Chip Tune Synthesizer like Nintendo Entertainment System.

Mod Delay

2-LFO Extreme Modulation Delay for Ableton Live. (Ableton Demo)


SONY DPS M7 Multi chorus algorithm simlation.


Two-pole, two-zero filter with Filter FM.


Grid Sequence Multi Mode Filter for Ableton Live..


Chaotic noise synthesizer by Noizevil..


Opensource Max/MSP patch and others.


Euclidean SEQ

Euclidean sequencer for midi pitch and velocity.

Wave Scope

Simple Oscilloscope.


Old tape sound simulator.


Function generator for ableton Max for Live. With your DC coupled audio interface Math Voltage will output unipolar CV / GATE to analog modular synth.
(Ableton Demo , Eurorack Demo)

Particle Stutter ableton

Audio reactive grain stutter for Ableton Live M4L.

Ableton Reset (Free)


Ableton API based reset pulse signal generator device for external cv/gate synthesizer system.



Continuous morphing through sine, triangle, sawtooth, square and pulse waveforms. With controllable FM, overdrive and complex Rize Fall LFO Modulation.



Digital waveshaping distortion with bit crusher for ableton live / Max for Live (M4L) audio plugin.

Spectral Freeze

ableton M4L Spectral Freeze

Spectral Freeze audio plugin. You can get eternal sustain from real time audio input.
(ver.1.0) 2013/10/13


ableton midi cc out

MIDI CCOUT for external midi device from ableton live.


ableton midi cc out

MIDI CCOUT for Roland Boutique SE-02 from ableton live.

M7 DCH Deca Chorus (Free) (Free)


10 parallel chorus for stereo input source. SONY DPS M7 deca chorus algorithm simlation.

Digital Dimension

Digital Dimension

Stereo Dimension Effect like Roland SDD320,Boss Dimension C.

Radio Drive (Free)

radio drive

Tube radio simulator.
(Demo )

Geometric Synth

ableton M4L

8 voice geometric waveform synthesizer for ableton live.

Analog Chorus

ableton M4L Analog Chorus

Analog style chorus for ableton M4L. This plugin has 3 different mix mode (stereo, dual mono, phase invert). Warm modulated chorus effect for audio track.

Ring Modulator (Free)

Ring Modulator

Max for Live Ring Modurator.

Mash Upper

max for live Mash Upper

Realtime audio mash up synth for ableton M4L instrument.

Pseudo Scratch (Free)

ableton max for live Pseudo Scratch

Turntable scratching simulator for ableton max for live.

Grunge Face ($2)

Grunge Face

Heavy dirty distortion inspired by DOD GRUNGE for Max for Live(M4L).

Jet Flanger ↓↓ (Free)

Jet Flanger

Simple comb filter based flanger with geometric LFO.

Feedback Network Delay

Ambient sound processor based on feedback network for Mac OSX.

Demo 1 2

(ver.1.0) 2013/09/7

Audio Cluster

Avant-garde comporser's technique tone cluster for any audio files.

Demo 1 2

(ver.1.0) 2013/04/23

Henon Map

Algorithmic Chaotic Sound Generator based on Henon Map for Mac OSX.

Brown Grain

Generative grainulation application for Mac OSX.

brown grain

Talking Piano

Real Time Audio to MIDI Converter for Mac OSX and Windows OS.

talking piano

Logistic Map

Algorithmic Chaotic Sound Generator based on Logistic Map for Mac OSX and Windows.

Generative Sound

Algorithmic Sound Generator for any soundfile.



Speaker Check ↓↓ (Free)

Speaker Checker is a tuning patch for multi channel speaker system.


Foreverb ↓↓ (Free)

Gen based DSP Reverb. 8 parallel comb filter followed by 4 series all pass filter.


RMS Attack Detection ↓↓ (Free)

Attack detection patch based on RMS analysis.


PianoPhase ↓↓ (Free)

Algorithmic composition patch inspired by Steve Reich's Piano Phase (1967).


Gen Tinkerbell Map

Algorithmic Chaos Sound Generator based on Tinkerbell Map for Max/MSP ver.6.

tinkerbell map


4 Band EQ

4 band parametric EQ patch for Max/MSP.


Gen Henon Map

Algorithmic Chaos Sound Generator based on Henon Map for Max/MSP ver.6.

henon map

iPhone App

Minimalist Style↓↓

Generative minimalist style music for iPhone RjDj.

minimalist style