Akihiko Matsumoto 松本昭彦

Akihiko Matsumoto


mail : info[at]]akihikomatsumoto.com

Artist/Programmer from Tokyo, Japan. In Tamagawa University & Tokyo University of the Arts, he studied contemporary music composition, music theory, and electronic music techniques with Akira Takaoka, Jonathan Lee, and Cathy Cox & Kiyoshi Furukawa. After obtaining his Master of Arts degree in 2012, he worked as a researcher at the University of Tokyo's Center for Structuring Knowledge in the Faculty of Engineering, before embarking on a career as an artist and programmer.


He has developed programs for universities, broadcasting stations, car manufacturers, and other research institutions, as well as writing music for advertisements, art exhibits, and magazines. His main compositional interest lies in the development of new musical styles. He believes that the most efficient way to create new styles is through programmatically implementing theories and generating music. His first piano album is a collection of music generated by developing 12 new compositional theories at high speed.

彼はさまざまなプログラム開発を大学、放送局、自動車メーカーや建設会社などの研究所のために開発し、また、広告のための音楽、サウンドデザインや商業施設や芸術作品の展示のためのシステムも開発している。 彼の作曲の主な関心は作曲上の新たな音楽様式を生み出すことにあり、新たな様式を創作するには仮説として生み出した理論をコンピューター上にプログラムとして実装し、音楽を生成することが合理的であり重要と考えている。 彼の最初のピアノ曲集のアルバムもこの考えに基づき、12の新たな作曲理論を発明し、コンピューターに生成させることで洗練を高速化し楽曲化したものである。

He is currently interested in bass music like wave, hardwave, dubstep, experimental trap & neogrime , as he believes that this genre provides an environment in which new styles can be created and accepted.


The installation work is a result of the artist's desire to create a new style, and is primarily a product of compositional techniques, rather than a musical composition.



April, 2021

Music DAZZLE「Venus of Tokyo」常設展示

Oct 5, 2019

Sound Produce 「友ヶ島第3砲台美術館」常設展示

June 8, 2019

Organize AMCJ #001 CV Tools

June 2, 2019

Organize SOURCE CORD vol.003

Feb, 2019

Sound Programming シナスタジア X1 – 2.44

Dec 21, 2018

Organize SOURCE CORD vol.002

Dec, 2018

Organize Ableton and Max Fes 2018

Dec, 2018

RESONANCE 豊田啓介 x 松本昭彦 x 高橋裕行 「音楽・建築・コード」

Nov, 2018

Event Tokyo Festival of Modular

Nov, 2018

Inter BEE 音楽における数学~空間、運動、アルゴリズム~

Oct, 2018

Single Preludes for Piano Transcription

Oct, 2018

Installation 東京大学 Kavli IPMU

Dec, 2017

Multichannel Sound Installation @ ICC Theater

Nov, 2016

CD Album released Preludes for Piano Book 1

Nov, 2016

Installation @ InterBEE 2016 池上通信機

Aug, 2016

Sound Design Workshop for SSDS

Jun, 2016

Sound design assistant for LOUIS VUITTON : DANCE WITH AI

Jun, 2016

Programming and composition"Hearing Things #metronome with evala and Ray Kunimoto" @東京ビックサイト

Mar, 2016

Sound Programming and composition"くらやみ美術館" @市原湖畔美術館

Sep, 2015

Sound Engineering for BCL "Ghost in the Cell" @金沢21世紀美術館

Mar, 2015

22.2ch System Programming for NHK (with acousticfield)

Nov, 2014

Sound Programming for 大友良英 "音楽と美術のあいだ" @ICC

Oct, 2014

"音波-光 AMP" with 藤本隆行 @Smart Illumination Yokohama(2014)

Jul-Oct, 2014


Jan, 2014

Multi-Angle Auto Surround Mixer for NHK (with acousticfield)

Nov, 2013

Music for mobility scape tokyo 2013 (with evala)

Nov, 2013

LED Light Programming @ 六本木ヒルズクールジャパンファンド

Nov, 2013

Sound Programming "LIFE fluid, invisible, inaudible... "(Ryuichi Sakamoto+Shiro Takatani) @ YCAM

Sep, 2013

Sound Programming and Composition for "Node 砂漠の老人" (藤本隆行, 白井剛) @ 香港文化中心

Sep, 2013

Sound Programming for やくしまるえつこ @ 豊田市美術館

Aug, 2013

Sound Programming and Composition for "Node 砂漠の老人" (藤本隆行, 白井剛) @ あいちトリエンナーレ

May, 2013

Sound Programming and Composition for "Node 砂漠の老人" (藤本隆行, 白井剛) @ 神奈川芸術劇場

May, 2013

Max/MSP付属アーティストパッチの提供とインタビュー via MI7

Mar, 2013

Sound Programming for "Node 砂漠の老人" (藤本隆行, 白井剛) @ LIG Art Hall Seoul

17, Sep, 2012

Sound Programming for "Node 砂漠の老人" (藤本隆行, 白井剛) @ BankART NYK

26, Aug, 2012

Realtime Remix for 芥川作曲賞 w. ヲノサトル @ Suntory Hall

29, May, 2012

Installation by 飴屋法水, 大友良英 (Max/MSP,DMX Programming) 水と土の芸術祭 @ Niigata

29, May, 2012

Installation Sensing the Sound Web @ Gallery7 w.Mizuki Oka,Takashi Ikegami

21, Apr, 2012

Video Programming for Takashi Ikegami Sonar Sound Tokyo @ ageHa / Studio Coast

11, Mar, 2012

Video Programming for Takashi IkegamiBRDG#5 @WWW

10, Mar, 2012

Programming Assistant for evala世界の終わりのものがたり~もはや逃れられない73の問い @日本科学未来館

13-27, Feb, 2012

Installation Sound Bookshelf @ Aoyama Book Center

7-15, Jan, 2012

Audio Visual Installation Geidai Sentan 2012 @ BankART

9-18, Dec, 2011

Programming Assistant for 三上晴子 Eye-Tracking Informatics @ICC

19-, Nov, 2011

きみたちの魔法-化学『新』発見 @ 日本科学未来館

27-, Sep, 2011

Scratching the Soundwall w. Takashi Ikegami, Enrico Isamu Oyama. @ VACANT

14-15, May, 2011

"Arts Action 3331" 7.1ch Sound Performance w. Takashi Ikegami, 大谷能生 @ 3331

15, Apr, 2011

Spring Ephemeral (新津保建秀, 早見あかり) Binaural Sound Programming @ Foil

19, Feb, 2011

REDZONE2011 "SOUND ART" Live performance

10, Feb, 2011

LED Programming and Video Design for グラインダーマン @ 神戸アートビレッジセンター

23, Dec, 2010

Vidio System Programming for Takashi Ikegami (Harajuku Performance+)

4, Dec, 2010

Concert at 昭和音楽大学

6, Nov, 2010

Live performance at Loop-Line

25, Oct, 2010

Video Installation at 東京藝術大学

4, Oct, 2010

Programming Assistant 《for maria anechoic room version》for Keiichiro Shibuya, evala @ICC

6, July, 2010

Live performance at Asahi art square with Takashi Ikegami, Miyuki Kawamura.

30, May, 2010

Workshop with LC Creative in Japan

May, 2010

Nike Stadium Tokyo, Programming Assistant for Keiichiro Shibuya, evala

Apr, 2010

SonificAtion work with Kyo Ichinose, Hitoshi Miura