Akihiko Matsumoto 松本昭彦

Akihiko Matsumoto

Akihiko Matsumoto

Born in Tokyo, Japan. He studied composition with Akira Takaoka and Jonathan F. Lee and music theory under Cathy Cox at Tamagawa University college of arts.
He studied contemporary art and media art in the Kiyoshi Furukawa Laboratory of Intermedhia-Art at Tokyo University of the Arts, where he received his MFA in Art in 2012.
After working as a researcher at the University of Tokyo's Center for Structuring Knowledge, he became a freelance artist (music and sound), programmer, and sound designer.


He not only creates art works, mainly compositions and sounds with algorithmic programming, but also directs advertisements and commercial facilities, and collaborates on projects with universities, broadcasting stations, and research institutes such as car manufacturers and construction companies.
His main interest in creation is to create a new form of style that is the upper concept of his work, and he creates from algorithms to create his computational creations.