Software Development

ISO Stutter ($15)


Band isolated stutter for ableton Max for Live.
(Demo Movie)

Waveformer ($10)


Continuous morphing through sine, triangle, sawtooth, square and pulse waveforms. With controllable FM, overdrive and complex Rize Fall LFO Modulation.
(Demo Movie)

REcho ($10)


Multi-head tape echo for Ableton Live(Max for Live Audio Plugin).
(Demo Movie)

Amp Modulator ($8)


Amplitude modulator for ableton live(Max for Live Audio Plugin).
(Demo Movie)

Bouncing Delay ($8)


24-Tap Bouncing Delay for Ableton Live(Max for Live Audio Plugin).
(Demo Movie)

Meltdown ($10)


Digital waveshaping distortion with bit crusher for ableton live / Max for Live (M4L) audio plugin.
(Demo Movie)

Spectral Freeze ($25)

ableton M4L Spectral Freeze

Spectral Freeze audio plugin. You can get eternal sustain from real time audio input.
(Demo Movie)
(ver.1.0) 2013/10/13

Digital Stutter ($5)

ableton M4L Digital stutter

Stutter Effect for ableton Max for Live Audio Track.
(Demo Movie)
(ver.1.0) 2013/06/12

Digital Glitcher ($10)

ableton M4L Digital Glitcher

BPM Sync Glitch Effect for ableton Max for Live Audio Track.
(Demo Movie)

Reverse Delay ($10)

Reverse Delay

Reverse Delay with feedback for audio track.
(Demo Movie)

Aer Shifter ($5)

ableton M4L Aer Shifter

M4L Audio Effects.
Unusual realtime sound recording and playback using LFO.
(Demo Movie)

M7 Deca Chorus ↓↓ (Free)


10 parallel chorus for stereo input source. SONY DPS M7 deca chorus algorithm simlation.
(Demo Movie)

Digital Dimension ↓↓ (Free)

M4L Digital Dimension

Stereo Dimension Effect like Roland SDD320,Boss Dimension C.

Radio Drive (Free!!)

radio drive

Tube radio simulator.
(Demo Movie)

Shoegazer Reverse Gate ($8)

Reverse Gate

Shoegazer style ER reverse gate for ableton live9 M4L audio plugin. inspired by YAMAHA SPX-90 series algorithm.
(Demo Movie)

Geometric Synth 2.0 ($5)

ableton M4L Analog Delay

8 voice geometric waveform synthesizer for ableton live.
(Demo Movie)

Analog Echo ($5)

ableton M4L Analog Delay

Analog delay simulator for ableton Max for Live (M4L). You can get Lo-Fi self oscillation delay sound.
(Demo Movie)

Japanoise ($15)


Analog harsh noise distortion from Japan.
(Demo Movie)

Mellotroner ($7)


Old tape sound simulator.
(Demo Movie)

vdb Delay ($5)

vdb delay

Variable time delay effect without clicks or transposition.
(Demo Movie)
(ver.1.0) 2013/04/11

Tetra Comb ($5)

Tetra Comb

4 parallel comb filter.
(Demo Movie)

Freq Modulator 2.0 ($5)

Freq Modulator

Frequency Modulator for audio track. 10 different geometric waveform for modulator oscilator.
(Demo Movie)

Analog Chorus ($2)

ableton M4L Analog Chorus

Analog style chorus for ableton M4L. This plugin has 3 different mix mode (stereo, dual mono, phase invert). Warm modulated chorus effect for audio track.
(Demo Movie)

Ring Modulator ↓↓ (Free)

Ring Modulator

Max for Live Ring Modurator.

Mega Muff ↓↓ (Free)

Mega Muff

Long Sustain Mammoth Fuzz / Distortion for M4L.

Particle Stutter ($12)


Audio reactive grain stutter for Ableton Live M4L.
(Demo Movie)

Granulation ($10)

max for live Granulation

Realtime granular for ableton M4L.
(Demo Movie)

Mash Upper ($50)

max for live Mash Upper

Realtime audio mash up synth for ableton M4L instrument.
(Demo Movie)

LFMW ($2)

Max for Live LFMW

Low Frequency Multi Waveform generator for ableton Live.
(Demo Movie)

Pseudo Scratch (Free!!)

ableton max for live Pseudo Scratch

Turntable scratching simulator for ableton max for live.
(Demo Movie)

SineShaper ($5)

Sine Shaper

Non-linear waveshaping distortion plugin for ableton max for live.
(Demo Movie)

Grunge Face ($2)

Grunge Face

Heavy dirty distortion inspired by DOD GRUNGE for Max for Live(M4L).
(Demo Movie)

Leslie Speaker ($5)

Leslie Speaker

Leslie speaker simulator for ableton M4L (max for live).
(Demo Movie)

Biquad Filter ↓↓ (Free)


Biquad Filter is Two-pole, two-zero filter. You can chose 8 different types of filter for M4L audio track.
(Demo Movie)

Kill Gate ↓↓ (Free)


BPM synced audio gate like transformar switch on DJ Mixer.
(Demo Movie)

Jet Flanger ↓↓ (Free)

Jet Flanger

Simple comb filter based flanger with geometric LFO.
(Demo Movie)

Micro Synthesizer ↓↓ (Free)

Micro Synth

Octaver, fuzz with lo-pass envelope filter as MICRO SYNTHESIZER.

Soon ↓


Feedback Network Delay (gumroad $10)

Ambient sound processor based on feedback network for Mac OSX.

Demo Movie 1 2

(ver.1.0) 2013/09/7

Audio Cluster (gumroad $150)

Avant-garde comporser's technique tone cluster for any audio files.

Demo Movie 1 2

(ver.1.0) 2013/04/23

Henon Map (gumroad $8)

Algorithmic Chaotic Sound Generator based on Henon Map for Mac OSX.

Brown Grain (gumroad $150)

Generative grainulation application for Mac OSX.

brown grain

Talking Piano (gumroad $8)

Real Time Audio to MIDI Converter for Mac OSX and Windows OS.

talking piano

Logistic Map (gumroad $8)

Algorithmic Chaotic Sound Generator based on Logistic Map for Mac OSX and Windows.

Generative Sound (gumroad $8)

Algorithmic Sound Generator for any soundfile.

(Demo Movie)


Cycling '74 Max/MSP Patch

Max7 BEAP bp.ak.kick ↓↓ (Free)

Kick drum generator patch for Max7 BEAP modular synth system.


Demo Movie 1

Speaker Check ↓↓ (Free)

Speaker Checker is a tuning patch for multi channel speaker system.


Foreverb ↓↓ (Free)

Gen based DSP Reverb. 8 parallel comb filter followed by 4 series all pass filter.


RMS Attack Detection ↓↓ (Free)

Attack detection patch based on RMS analysis.


PianoPhase ↓↓ (Free)

Algorithmic composition patch inspired by Steve Reich's Piano Phase (1967).


Gen Tinkerbell Map (gumroad $10)

Algorithmic Chaos Sound Generator based on Tinkerbell Map for Max/MSP ver.6.

tinkerbell map

(Demo Movie)

4 Band EQ (gumroad $1)

4 band parametric EQ patch for Max/MSP.


Gen Henon Map (gumroad $10)

Algorithmic Chaos Sound Generator based on Henon Map for Max/MSP ver.6.

henon map

iPhone App

Minimalist Style↓↓

Generative minimalist style music for iPhone RjDj.

minimalist style